The Wilde North US Tour completed.

Home from our North American tour. Long flight and then drive from Heathrow. A huge thank you to everyone who came to see us for the incredible reception. Looking forward to seeing you again in October. LET’S GET WILDE!!!!

Live from US

Last show of North American tour tonight in Los Angeles. On the airplane home tomorrow night and home Tuesday night. We’ve driven over 10,000 miles in four weeks. Thank you to everyone who has made this tour such a success, the crew, promoters and most of all the people who gave us such an enthusiastic welcome, our audiences at every show. LET’S GET WILDE!!!!

Video City TV

You can still check out the video for Gotta Hold On by visiting¬†videocitytv.com¬†It’s number 3 on Video Of The Day.


Quite simply the name says it all. Raw, adrenaline fuelled rock’n’roll with huge choruses and hooks that will drive you crazy. Songs that are so radio friendly they will soon be blasting from your car radio on the next road trip you take.

This band is not about posing and preening it is the real deal. They shoot from the hip with huge power chords and incredible energy. They take no prisoners hitting audiences like a runaway express train with the brakes burnt out. From the first power chord till the last note has faded out they grab audiences and will not let go.
The album is launched in Los Angeles in mid August. They will be playing four shows to let L.A. experience what The Wild are all about and conduct media interviews.

We are booking U.K. and European shows in September and early October. They kick off a coast to coast U.S. tour in late October starting with CMJ in NYC and climaxing in L.A. headlining The Whisky. Major promotion will be provided for each show, tour posters, venue specific posters, flyers, t.shirts, stickers and albums plus radio and press interviews.