About Us

This band is the real deal. Rock’n’roll oozes out of every pore. Raw, adrenaline fuelled and in your face The Wilde will get under your skin, moving your feet and hammering your head. Huge choruses, infectious hooks and an irresistible beat will grab you by the neck and won’t let go.   These guys go for the jugular from the first power chord to the last. Don’t stand too close or you’ll get burned. Not close enough and you’ll miss all the fun.



Aub, has whatever it is that sets him apart. A huge voice and equally large personality that makes a statement you can’t ignore.

Drax, a guitar wizard who conjours tones and textures to add a little magic to the songs.  

Jon, a powerhouse who drives the band to amazing heights. A kick drum to take down walls and a snare that will chop off heads.  

Rocky, locks in with Jon to lay the foundation Aub and Drax weave their web over.   This is The Wilde coming at you like a runaway express train. Jump onboard for the ride of your life.